TH-870 Flue Gas Continuous Ultra Low Emission Monitoring System,Continuous Ultra Low Emission
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  • Name: TH-870 Flue Gas Continuous Ultra Low Emission Monitoring System
  • Add time: 2017-11-25
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The system consists of flue gas membrane preprocessing system and low range infrared analysis system.
Flue gas membrane preprocessing system employ drying membrane to absorb water. It is installed next to flue pipe. The drying membrane, also called Nafion membrane, contains sulfo group with good hydrophilcity. Gaseous water molecules are transmitted through sulfo group in and out tube wall when they pass through drying tube made of Nafion membrane. Then the gaseous water molecules get into outside tube where they are blew out by purge gas, so that you can dewater flue gas and reduce its dew point.
Advantages of drying tube:
1. It just removes water in the components of SO2、SO3、NO、NO2、HCL、HF、O2、CO and CO2 to be analyzed during dehumidification process;
2.No moving parts, low cost for maintain and operation, long service life. 
3.The concentrations of gases to be analyzed keep invariably during dehumidification process. It is superior to dehumidification products with the principles of mechanical compression and electronic cooling.